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Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our custom residential landscaping services, tailored to create your personal oasis right in your backyard.
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Our comprehensive commercial landscaping solutions enhance your business’s exterior year-round, and our reliable snow removal service keeps your operations smooth during the winter months.

Our Services

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer both functional support and aesthetic appeal, preventing soil erosion while enhancing the visual interest of your landscape.

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Paver Bricks

Brick patios or walkways add timeless elegance and durability to your outdoor living space, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment.

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Boulder Walls & Accents

Boulder walls and accents add a natural, rugged beauty to your landscape, offering a unique aesthetic while serving practical purposes.

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Hardscape elements, from pathways to retaining walls, provide structure and design to your landscape, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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Softscape services bring life to your garden, incorporating plants, shrubs, and trees that transform your outdoor area into a vibrant oasis.

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Commercial Snow Removal

Our commercial snow removal services ensure your business remains accessible and safe, even during the harshest winter weather.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Doan’s Landscape means partnering with a dedicated team that blends artistry with expertise to deliver stunning landscape designs and robust outdoor constructions.

With a passion for transforming spaces and a commitment to quality, Doan’s Landscape has built a reputation for creating beautiful, durable landscapes that stand the test of time, whether it’s a serene private garden or a large-scale commercial project.

Their integrated approach to design, construction, and maintenance ensures every client enjoys a seamless experience from conception.

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5 Over 5 Reviews
Great job on our landscaping
Absolutely amazing work! They were on-time, knowledgeable, and flexible. True artists.
The owner is very nice and they did a really great job!!
Very excited about my new yard!
Thank you! 🙂

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